We provide warehousing services in a modern warehouses in Vilnius, Lithuania. All types of cargos can be stored in our warehouses.

Our warehouses employeers ensures the accurate movement of your goods and cargos.

The safety of cargos is guaranteed by video cameras, which monitor the territory of the complex twenty four hours a day, and by the constant presence of the security personnel.

We provide the following warehousing services:

  • Warehousing of goods;
  • Stocktaking of goods with the help of the modern warehouse management system;
  • Packing, sorting, completing, marking, labeling of goods, formation and palletizing of shipments;
  • Mechanized and manual loading, weighing;
  • Collection of orders and issuance of invoices and other documents;
  • Product quality and document control;

Being aware of the fact that each client’s needs are different and specific, we always try to do our best in order to offer our clients the services that have the most optimum price-to-quality ratio.