Thanks to our co-operation with our partners we can offer our transportation services for a wide range of routes. We create added value for our customers by offering them competitive rates and high quality service.

We are transporting goods:

  • from European counties to CIS counties and Baltic Countrie
  • from Baltic Countries to European Countries and CIS Countries
  • from CIS Countries to European Countries and Baltic Countries;
  • between European Countries.

We transport different types of cargoes:

Full truck loads
Partial loads
Dangerius cargoes
Refrigerated cargoes
High value goods

We offer service of freight costs calculation for your preferred routes.

Every day we provide information about goods transportation and exactly location. Any time we are ready to answer all your questions about Your cargo transportation. We very responsibly take care about your goods transportation from departing place till final delivery place.

We are working in a low prices, but high quality.

Our highly-qualified managers can communicate effectively in many European languages to help customers resolve any issues that arise and promptly offer the most efficient solutions.

We transport different goods of various purposes.
We can provide solution of Your goods transportation – we can ship freight from the customer’s factory in every direction.  by taut liner and temperature-controlled semi-trailers.

We have long-term agreements with major European manufacturers and are able to offer competitive rates for the transportation of freight across Europe.

Trucks meeting Euro 5 and 6 emissions standards that have not been in service longer than four years.

We offer freight safety guarantees, have long experience of handling high-value freight and put in place high safety requirements.