Green logistics describes all attempts to measure and minimize the ecological impact of logistics activities. This includes all activities of the forward and reverse flows of products, information and services between the point of origin and the point of consumption.

We are working to optimise our processes and are proud of our contribution towards greener logistics.

Our company is on the way to get ISO 140001 certificate, meeting the so-called environment management standards.

Here are a few examples of measures to ease the burden on the environment:

  • Wherever possible, our trucks run fully laden; our employees reduce empty miles to a minimum with the use of ingenious software. Fewer empty miles mean fewer unnecessary pollutant emissions.
  • Intermodal trains that each transport 40 wagons carrying 25 tonnes of goods each travel between the Benelux countries and northern Italy every week, reducing the volume to be transported by road.
  • In logistics for transportation we prefere to use transport vehicles not older than 8 years (EURO5, EURO6 standards). This means that fleet we use for transportations is always state of the art, not only in terms of technology, but also with regard to environmental standards. We support the idea to reduce transport companies fleet CO2 emissions by 20 % over the next five years and establish more environmentally friendly credentials.